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Friday, September 11, 2009

More uncertainty, but, hope...

Well, unfortunately, we don't know a whole lot more than we did before we went to our appt. The specialist sort of explained the potential diagnoses to us. However, he said that there can't be a definitive diagnosis until after the baby is delivered. There were 3 diagnoses that he mentioned (one that was pretty bad, one that was pretty benign, and one that was very rare and he said he didn't suspect by our history).

He said that the baby would need testing immediately to finalize the diagnosis so that they would know what they are dealing with. This testing would need to be done somewhere where he has priveleges. Shelby is not one of those places. He recommended that I see a high risk OB. SO, that means that I have to go to change OB's and hospitals. It's not ideal, but, we'll do what we have to do. It's between Brookwood and UAB. I am going to let my current OB help me make the decision on this.

Lastly, he said that the biggest indicator of health at this point is the amount of amniotic fluid. If it remains stable, we can go to full term. If it remains stable for the next 6 weeks, we can be out of the window of needing a procedure in utero (to drain the bladder). If it drops after that, they would just give me steroids to help with lung development and go ahead and deliver the baby. Worst case scenario, the fluid level drops in the next couple of weeks, they would consider placing a shunt into the baby's bladder to create fluid (which will help with lung development).

Thank you for your prayers! Please keep them coming. I was hoping for more answers today, but, I didn't get a whole lot. But, it is reassuring that there is a possibility that it is not as bad as it seemed originally. Even though there is potential for the bad diagnosis, there is hope for a milder one.


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