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I love to find cheaper ways to do expensive things. Whether this be through Thrift-store-shopping or DIY decorating, I find a way to get it done. I NEVER shop in the regular priced area of a store. If I do happen to see something I love that is regular priced, I wait til it goes on sale. OR, i make it my own version of it. I love to paint and do crafts. However, being a mother of two and a night-shift nurse, I have very little time to do it. We are also in a rental home while we search for my forever home. So, I am LOVING the blog world right now as I find ideas for my new home. Be sure to follow me so I will know I'm not just blogging to myself. :-)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good News and Honor

Well, Friday morning we went to my regular OB (who, i think is wonderful!). They did an US of little man & he was surrounded by 18 cm of amniotic fluid! (normal is about 6-20). So, I felt relief for the first time in 4 weeks. So, this means, stability for now. No 26 week delivery or fetal intervention for now. We will go back in 2 weeks. But, in the meantime, I will see the UAB doctors on Monday for my targeted ultrasound. So, my new prayer is that the targeted ultrasound will reveal a less severe situation than previously thought. Ultrasounds are somewhat subjective diagnostic, maybe with a more specific test the increased accuracy will give us good news. Even though my prayer is specific, I always begin and end with "if it's your will". Oh, and the glucose results will not be back until Monday.

On Friday afternoon, we laid Neil's Grandmother to rest. Neil and his brothers did an incredible job honoring his Grandmother. We laughed, cried and praised the Lord. It was a very emotional day. But, I feel sure that Maw Maw Morton was thrilled to see such a sweet sight (her 5 boys surrounded by friends and family, her 3 best friends on the front row in honor of their friendship, her new bodily resting place right beside the love of her life that has been gone from her for almost 30 years)...To hear her precious boys talk about what a wonderful influence she had on their lives. I'm FOR SURE she was happy to hear laughter. She would not want people to cry for her. So, to honor her once more, I will tell her favorite joke. "have you heard about the haunted hankerchief? had a booger in it!"

Well, I'm looking forward to another week. I'm hopeful it will be a good one.

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