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Monday, September 28, 2009

Change in suspected diagnosis

We had our targeted ultrasound today at UAB...

Both the ultrasound tech and the OB did a head to toe scan of little boy Morton and everything looked o.k. The right kidney was still dilated (hydronephrosis), but, the left was only slightly dilated. The bladder appeared empty. The past 2 US have shown a large/full bladder. The OB said that we could have just caught him at a "full state" on the others. But, today, it looked fine. With this change, the OB said that she suspects an obstruction of the ureter (between the bladder and the kidney), which is causing urine to back up into the kidney. This is called a UPJ (ureteropelvic junction) obstruction. She said that with the left kidney being only mildly dilated, it is most likely because it is in an overcompensating hypertrophic (large) state b/c it's working extra hard for the right.

So, what does this change mean? I really don't know. I read that UPJ obstruction is the most common type of obstruction of the urinary tract. The OB kept saying, "this is not an emergency." She also said, "don't worry, he can live a perfectly normal life with one kidney." UM, THANKS, WHEW, I GUESS?? I didn't get much reassurance from that statement. Of course, I know things could be worse. But, the thought of my baby losing a kidney within the first couple of years of life makes me sad. I know he can live with one. But, what if he wants to play football one day and he gets a knee to the other kidney?? As much as I see, I honestly feel ridiculous and almost selfish for being upset about this. I know things are going to be o.k. But, I will continue to pray for a miracle and that everything turns out normal. I know that God will not give us more than we can handle. I guess anyone who is a parent can understand that feeling of wanting things to be normal. I don't even like when LM has a fever for pete's sake! I know that I will be o.k. with whatever happens. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13)

She said that we will be followed with routine prenatal care and will follow up with her and have another targeted US at 32 weeks. After that, we will meet with the pediatric urologist once more to discuss an updated plan. She said she feels like we could deliver at Shelby. However, she said this would ultimately be up to the urologist. She said that most people deliver at full term and vaginally with this prenatal diagnosis. So, I will hope I fall into the "most" category.

So, I guess you could say I was slightly encouraged by this visit. There were a few inconsistencies from the previous ultrasounds. But, I am going to chalk that up to more high tech equipment, and experienced staff. The baby measured about 2 1/2 lbs. He was playing with his little feet during the ultrasound (so sweet!) The amniotic fluid was completely normal. We could see the 4 chamber heart pumping away! We saw his little brain and brain stem. With each ultrasound, I am amazed at how God forms this incredible baby inside of me. One good thing about this is that I have been able to see him grow from a little butter bean to a 2 1/2 lb baby boy who wiggles and waves!

My prayer is for me to truly accept that God is in control and that I won't know anything for sure until the baby gets here. I will continue to pray that if it's God's will that this problem corrects itself in utero.

i'll keep posting as i know things...

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