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I love to find cheaper ways to do expensive things. Whether this be through Thrift-store-shopping or DIY decorating, I find a way to get it done. I NEVER shop in the regular priced area of a store. If I do happen to see something I love that is regular priced, I wait til it goes on sale. OR, i make it my own version of it. I love to paint and do crafts. However, being a mother of two and a night-shift nurse, I have very little time to do it. We are also in a rental home while we search for my forever home. So, I am LOVING the blog world right now as I find ideas for my new home. Be sure to follow me so I will know I'm not just blogging to myself. :-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Blood, Sweat, and Tears...

Ever picked up something as a project and thought..."that will be a piece of CAKE to turn into a gem!"  Well, here is a little advice.  If it looks like a "simple little project", look VERY closely to make sure.   I have a blister on my right hand, rust on my new needlenosed pliers, and a jumbled up piece of twisted metal to prove that this chick who was supposed to be a "piece of CAKE", kicked this gal's bootay!  But,  she was worth it.  Here is her story...
 When I first saw her at the Thrifty, that bottom door was intact.  But, after opening it a few times, it fell off.  (that was the first sign that my "piece of cake" was a joke.

This is the body shot.  Notice the top part section has a hole in the back.  I knew this.  But, I had a plan.

This, my friends, is a STRIPPED SCREW.  And, that cute little trick on pinterest about using a piece of rubber along with the screwdriver.  They LIED. It didn't work.


And, this, my friends, is a RUSTED, STRIPPED Screw... (insert UGLY WORD here)
This, is my precious little helper...

I used needlenosed pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, multiple sized (and shaped) screw-drivers...and whew!!!
FINALLY, got it.  And, what I had left was a rusty mess
I painted the exterior of the cabinet and the doors with Annie Sloan's Emperor's Silk and wiped on some of her Dark Soft Wax.  I also wiped on MinWax's Dark Walnut Stain/Poly.  It made the shelves look SO MUCH BETTER.  Notice the top shelf vs the bottom.  And, I wasn't even done at this point.

And, here she is...
I added burlap to the backs of each cubby.  (to add texture and to camo the hole in the back of the top cubby.)
Was she worth it?  I think so. 

Until next time...


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cathy crosson said...

Love this! The bold red is perfect!