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I love to find cheaper ways to do expensive things. Whether this be through Thrift-store-shopping or DIY decorating, I find a way to get it done. I NEVER shop in the regular priced area of a store. If I do happen to see something I love that is regular priced, I wait til it goes on sale. OR, i make it my own version of it. I love to paint and do crafts. However, being a mother of two and a night-shift nurse, I have very little time to do it. We are also in a rental home while we search for my forever home. So, I am LOVING the blog world right now as I find ideas for my new home. Be sure to follow me so I will know I'm not just blogging to myself. :-)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Favorites

Here are a few photos that make my heart pitter patter. (you know the kind of pitter patter that you get when you walk into Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn?)

I am a terrible blogger and will just save pictures to my computer as I come across them without saving the source. :-(  I am so sorry.  I want credit to be given where credit is due. So, if you see a picture and recognize it, please comment below and I will update the post and give credit to these amazing designers.  I know some are from Pottery Barn.  Others are from MLS listings, and a few from pinterest. 

I hope you enjoy this Friday Eye Candy.

<3  Kelli

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